Assignment 10/19/2010

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All material below is taken from 10th chapter of the Network logic

The major Argument

Government intervenes into citizens’ social networks through social programmes and may influence network relations.

The major concepts

Types of networks:

Individualistic networks, which are sparse but open, allow for the
kinds of entrepreneurial and instrumental use of ties that link one to
people very different from oneself.”

Enclaved networks, by
contrast, are dense but strongly bounded and tend to reinforce ties to
those similarly situated. Here is where we find the mutual support
clubs and some inward-looking ‘communities’.”

Hierarchical networks are also bounded, but link people with very
different powers and resources in more rule-bound ways. This describes the kinds of ties that link people to those formally allocated
to mentor or counsel them, or the informal ties that link many chairs
of tenants’ associations with the town hall professionals who make
decisions about investments in their housing estates.”

Isolate networks, the final type, are not necessarily those in which
people know literally no other people, but rather the mix of sparse
and casual ties to others with a few very close ties perhaps to
immediate family members, but which admit of very little reliable
support beyond immediate needs and afford little scope for collective



10/05/10 Assignment in class

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After looking through the required website it may be said that the particular website want to encourage and involve more bloggers or participants. There is a free  commenttary function and a welcome entry in the site with the title “Bloggers wanted”.  In order to activate the life of the site and make it really a good source of information it is need to have as many participants as possible. Also the informal format may it easier to be involved in the site’s actions. Before comments are posted it must be proven, so it may discourage some participants, but on the other hand it  means that site is under control so it decrease the chance of the spams and comments not related to the topic, and those are actually discourage some participants more than delay of comments’ posts.

Assignment for 9/16

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So as there was a topic about television which spoils communication between individuals. I decided to write about online games))) World of War Craft or WoW is one major fact that spoiled my relations with my friend in the past. I was always thinking “There are some man who is more than 30 years and they play…is it smth what I will face?” After I decided that I may play as well, than some time passed and for now we do not have any problems in communication. The problem is that there is not enough time to play in WoW 😀

One citation from 407747

ххх:  if you won’t stop to play in Line Age, I will leave you!
ууу: well, I deleted it
ххх: Are you? 🙂
ууу: Yes
ххх: So what are you doing, honey? 🙂
ууу: I’m downloading the WoW


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It maybe said that your existance is proven by other people, so if no one recognize you, it is like you are out of the reality. Network for me like an institution which main function is spread of information. Information is very changeble source and each person may interpret it in own way. So, everyting what we get through communication is like a clay in sculptor’ hands.

RSS feed

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I find it as a quit userful thing for internet users. However, you know sometimes when you are not in a real interest about what happening the image like “All items (300)” or even more,  some kind of annoying. As for me personally I like to find everyday something new and unusual, so I don’t use it so much (=

My First Experience with the Internet

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As I remember it was in 7th or 8th grade on my computer classes.  Actually I may say that there was nothing special and the first thing I done is a creation of account on Later on I learned how to use web search and download music. Also I played some on-line games. Truthfully, sometimes I miss those days when Internet played such a little role in my life, but now I just can’t imagine my daily life without it.

First but I hope not the last post here…

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My name is Victoria, I’m 4th year student in PA Department, major in Financial Management. My best friends are books and my little dog, which I love so much. I’m interested in psychology, criminology and art. I’m not good at writing, painting and singing but anyway these facts do not prevent me to express myself in the way I want to…I believe that people rule their own lives, so there is no word as ”impossible” for true and strong will.